Sage "Sage" Mode67 is the gamertag of the infamous dunger. 


Sagemode rechieved his xbox in ocotober 2010. Ever since then he has fucking everything up in his way.

Sagmode's VictimsEdit

  • Anybody who has ever played call of duty on xbox in the past 3 years


  • "sagemode67" is real gamertag, add it up!

Trivia :Edit

  • sagemode67 is based off an naruto reference in which one strength and speed as well as the abillity to sence shit and can be used by The first hokage.jiraya naruto, kabato,Muqit Khandaker but not sagemode 67
Vital statistics
Position Pro Gamer
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Associations Skype
Aliases Sage, Dunger, Sagemode