Retards are an unfortunate speicies orininated in the world of fidgey and comes in varions shapes and sizes as well as features that land them in the imfamous R-Tard zone


When someone does multiple "special" things but in special cases just one is required to land in the  R-Tard zone.


To Become a Full retard you must do at least 2  following constantly and consistanly

  • Be annoying
  • stupid
  • unable to shut the fuck up
  • dis-respect Walter white
  • be creepy
  • talk stupidly as fuck
  • kick people(skype) though in real life thats fucked up a completly different thing
  • steal
  • snitch 
  • ruin something with Rule 34
  • Destroy a building in minefield
  • Saying the Nig,pussy,clit repeatitivivly 
  • point out spelling mistakesand so on.


  • Sagemode67 
  • Jake
  • christan
  • your mom