Minimew (Ted) is Muqit's cat and a warrior of the Cate wars.

Vital statistics
Position Cate Pvt in cate wars
Age 1
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Associations Muqit "Jo" Khandaker
Aliases Ted, Theodore Bartholemew the First


Minimew is well known for biting Muqit. In the Cate wars, minimew was a Pvt and known for his vicious biting.

Running awayEdit

On many occasions, the last being July 10th, he runs away during weather storms. He ran away for a short period of time on July 10th, 2013 during the large rainstorm which had a flash flood warning. 


  • Many doges during the cate war
  • Muqit's arm
  • multiple bees

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