Grand Fortune Clothing (GFC) was founded by Fee and some other niggers. GFC is the biggest megacorporation in the Fidgey Universe, and it sells T-shirts apparel to any dumb 14 year old COD sniper willing to buy it. The statistics of corporate corruption and shitty prosisutes with AIDS have never been higher.

Founding & HistoryEdit

While GFC was offically founded by some random nigger, Fee himself sent that nigger to eternal assrape by Bodie and took over CEO posistion of GFC. From there, Fee grew out the company until it could no longer be considered a company and was not a corporation. This means that any spic dumb enough to try to sue GFC would be covered in a huge godolemighty downfall of shitfuck from the gods.


The jew himself, Jordan Belfort, decided to take GFC public with the help of Fee. This was a great plan, until Mark Zuckerberg threw a temper tantrum and decided to assrape the shit out of the NYSE. GG, Mark.