Cate is one of the second main animals of the universe, which was created by Fidgey. The actual creator of cate is unknown, still to be discovered. Cate has a long going hate againest Doge, the other main animal in the universe. Cate's are generally peaceful, but many of them take extreme measures, usually being terriorts. 


Cate was made about 4.5 million years after Fee created the universe (doge said to be created at same time.) At first, cate and doge lived in harmony, with no war. Eventually, a group of cate extremists hijacked cate government, and bombed nearby doge villages. This caused the deaths of thousands of doges. Doge's believed it was a sudden act of war and betryal, so they declared war. At first cate tried to make peace, but after seeing that millions of cate's were being killed, they had no choice but to go to war with doge. This is known as the Doge vs Cate wars. Started in 1577, this lasted for about 200 years. Before the 1800's, many of doge declared peace. Cate had slown down attacks on doge. For a long time, doge and cate had lived in a excuse for peace, with civilian doges burning down cate houses and buildings, and cate's destroying important landmarks and items to doge, like the milkbone. At about 1952, a official war between cate and doge broke out after disagreement. This lasted until about 1957. Many small battles have always happened. During the 80's, many small wars broke out in the streets. In the year 2006, doge extremists bombed a city of doge and cate living together, which had caused much confusion and much war. It was a plot to begin war once again. Although in 2009, when doge officials had found out what really happened, they wanted peace between cate once again. But cate kept attacking, so doge's had no choice but to go to where with cate once again. This is considred a smaller war, only happeneing in certain parts of the world. Many other parts still live in harmony, but battles in the steets and acts of war still happening.

Notable Soilders Edit


Because of the first attack on doge by Cate extermists, cate's unfairly claimed terriosts amongest many, espically Doge. Because of this, it is difficult for cate's and doge's to live in harmony.